Artist Statement              

Cam Forbes 

My work is about place. The place I inhabit, maybe the place you inhabit. 

To build a relationship with a place, I begin painting on site. Shelters and windowed architectures are a primary theme in my work. These framing devices have become visible as a result of my plein air practice, and are signs of the human and often problematic reality of weather and access to space. 

I choose to display an accumulation of observational moments; of paintings, sketches, models, and studies, so that my work can describe a spatial experience with time; a searching more than a statement. This is a dialogue that occurs both inside and outside the painted frame.

In the end, I paint as an act of engagement; with space and with people. 



Currently living and working in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Cameron Forbes recently completed her MFA at Concordia University in Montreal. While at Concordia she worked with other students to develop a publicly-engaged drawing research lab, Marquer L’espace, which received a Stand-Out Graduate Student Research Award. She was awarded the honourable mention prize in the 2016 RBC Canadian Painting Competition. From 2007-2013 Cameron lived in Winnipeg, developing urban landscape plein air explorations and community-based art projects. She was the executive director of Winnipeg’s Art City from 2008 to 2011. Cameron holds a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, completed in 2005, and also studied at the Kootenay School of Art and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.